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Using clean lines, distinctive features, and an inviting design approach we've helped Howard Bank build a recognizable and community-friendly brand. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Howard Bank
Laurel, Maryland

The Challenge

Howard Bank, the only locally owned and managed community bank in Howard County, MD, sought to develop a new full service branch. The bank had already worked closely with Overton & Associates to develop interior design solutions for its two existing branches, and was pleased with how well the firm had worked with the bank’s advertising, marketing, and public relations firms to create a consistent look that supported its brand image.

Now the bank wanted to replicate the prototype design Overton had created in a freestanding facility. Bank officials met with Overton to discuss their vision for the new branch. They wanted to utilize the same customized branding features introduced in their existing branches, such as a signature community room, a warm interior color palette, and the corporate logo and colors for the bank’s exterior.

Our Solution

Overton presented plans that carried through the same design sensibilities established with the earlier two projects. In the process, Bank President Mary Ann Scully recalls, Overton demonstrated an understanding that they were not merely constructing a building, but helping the bank build its brand. “As a community bank, I believe we have fairly high expectations of the companies we work with,” she explains. “We need them to interact with us as partners, not just vendors.”

Once the plans were approved and the developer brought the site to grade, Overton handled everything else, building the new 3,200 square-foot facility from the ground up. Featuring three drive-through lanes and an ATM, the new branch is clearly part of the Howard Bank family. “We were very pleased that Overton took our three very different branch locations — an end unit in a shopping center, a space within an office building, and our new freestanding site — and gave them all a look and feel that was clearly one and the same bank. We’re extremely pleased with the results.”