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Facilities Renovation

Upgrading the Customer Experience

In today’s crowded marketplace, financial institutions compete for the hearts and trust of a limited number of customers. People’s perceptions of their financial institution can make all the difference. At Overton & Associates, we understand that every renovation is an opportunity to influence public perceptions—new efficiencies, ambiance and small conveniences can affect buying behavior, attract new accounts and encourage customer retention.

Our Renovation Management Team weighs strategic objectives against the budget as they formulate cost-effective, high-impact approaches to every challenge. Our interior designers choose materials, finishes, colors and lighting to create engaging spaces for the customers’ experience and efficient work areas for staff to conduct business. And during the entire renovation process—from planning through execution-- Overton & Associates provides a single point of contact to coordinate your project.

We address every aspect of your facility needs, including:

  • Flexibility by Design. We appreciate the dynamic nature of our clients’ businesses, so in addition to addressing your immediate needs, we create spaces whose designs readily allow for future expansion. And we listen to our clients so that their spaces are a true reflection of the culture and operating philosophy of the organization.
  • Workflow Optimization. We take the time to understand your workflow and key functions, and then create floor plans that maximize departmental relationships and efficiencies.
  • Traffic Planning. Our experts design plans that not only create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your facility but maximize the use of your existing space and allow for more efficient internal traffic circulation.
  • Business Continuity. We know you have a business to run, so we design plans that minimize disruptions for your customers, members and staff. We’ve been working around people for many years—and we do everything possible to keep your facility operational during renovation.
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